Yieldmo Drives 32% Higher Likelihood to Purchase

Yieldmo Drives 32% Higher Likelihood to Purchase


A Refreshing approach to mobile advertising

Engaging, user-friendly, mobile ad formats drive 32% higher likelihood to purchase for a top beverage brand.

To build on top of our initial findings that engaging mobile ad formats provide key insights on user intent and lead to higher brand metrics, we set out to understand the impact of mobile ad engagement on ad recall, brand favorability, and purchase intent.

We employed Yieldmo’s Hyperscroller ad format for the test. It leverages the natural behavior of users scrolling down a mobile webpage and encourages them to interact with the ad by giving control over the unfolding of the story. 
For comparison, respondents were served either a Hyperscroller (Exposed group) or static 300×250 ad (Control group) for the same advertiser on a sample travel website. The study was conducted in the first quarter of 2018 with a sample of 419 U.S. internet users (222 Control responses and 197 Exposed responses).

CONCLUSION: Engage, don’t Enrage!

Creating positive consumer experiences with mobile ads that respect the consumer experience demonstrably benefits brands. Conversely, bombarding mobile users with irrelevant ads until they succumb to fulfill marketing key performance indicators is likely to impair brand impression. In fact, a consumer research study conducted by Applause in 2016 found that for all standard formats, respondents found the brand less favorable (i.e., “not very favorable” and “not at all favorable”) than the Yieldmo format assessment.

User-friendly formats are the way forward for consumers, advertisers and publishers.