Yieldmo Adds Leaders to Drive Innovation in 2022

Yieldmo Adds Leaders to Drive Innovation in 2022

Yieldmo’s Product Team Continues to Drive Innovation in 2022

Picard’s Experienced Leaders Build Next Iteration of Programmatic January 20, 2022 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Yieldmo, a leading advertising technology company, rounded out a successful 2021 with five strategic product team hires that are driving innovation in 2022. Under the direction of industry veteran Chief Product Officer Eric Picard, Yieldmo’s Product Team focuses on the company’s strategic initiatives with the future of ad tech in mind.

“Through his strategic technical hires in 2021, he has built a product team that brings over a century of collective years of industry experience to our nimble company and are the dynamic leaders we need to build the next iteration of programmatic.”Tweet this

Since Picard’s hiring in early 2021, the Product Team paved new ways to help marketers capitalize on shifts in the advertising space, such as Apple’s curtailing of online tracking. In June, the team launched Yieldmo’s Privacy-First Marketplace, a series of privacy-first PMP deals that transact on non-addressable inventory and vastly outperform benchmarks. The exchange, built on privacy-first signals such as contextual and performance, respects consumers’ privacy and provides effective advertising without personal information.

“With Eric at the helm of the Product Leadership Team, he has been instrumental in guiding our product strategy, roadmap execution, and go-to-market approach while bolstering Yieldmo’s innovation efforts,” said Yieldmo CEO Mike Yavonditte. “Through his strategic technical hires in 2021, he has built a product team that brings over a century of collective years of industry experience to our nimble company and are the dynamic leaders we need to build the next iteration of programmatic.”

“While using the power of data and creativity is foundationally in the DNA of Yieldmo, it is essential you have the right human capital to drive innovation forward,” said Picard. “For the last 11 months, I have been stacking our deck with the smartest and brightest talent to ensure our clients are not only ready but thrive in the changing digital landscape.”

Key and recent hires include:

  • VP of Publisher Products Elizabeth Petro joined Yieldmo to enable publishers to monetize their inventory better while protecting user privacy. Before Yieldmo, Petro spent more than six years at both Pandora and Razorfish.
  • A seasoned product manager and engineer with 20 years in advertising and marketing technology, Mark McEachran serves as VP, Product Management, Advertising Exchange. McEachran oversees the company’s global exchange, which uses contextual data to match sellers and buyers for better performance. Prior to joining Yieldmo, he worked at Nexstar, Rakuten and Rubicon Project.
  • Google veteran Emily Rapp joined Yieldmo as VP, Product Management, Data Platform, where she oversees the global, scaled platform. Rapp spent five years at Microsoft before seven years at Google across the Ads Measurement and Google Cloud Data Analytics products.

Beyond the Product Leadership Team, the bench of talent continues to grow with top tier industry experience. Alex Namzoff, Principal Product Manager, recently joined Yieldmo from Experian and oversees the company’s Insights & Measurement products. Just this week, Alex Johnston joined as Principal Product Manager for Optimization from Google where he spent 13 years leading the company’s Reach & Audience Planning and Measurement products.

Rounding out the team are two Yieldmo and industry veterans who have been with the company prior to Picard’s hiring in February of 2021. David Sebag, SVP, Advertising Products, has been overseeing the company’s Marketplace and proprietary ad formats for almost seven years. Prior to joining the company, he spent four and a half years at Quigo, which was later sold to AOL Advertising. Sambit Patnaik, VP, Product Management, leads the company’s strategic direction of its Video and CTV practice. Prior to joining Yieldmo, Patnaik spent close to four years at Magnite.


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