Yieldmo in AdWeek: Value of Contextual Targeting

Yieldmo in AdWeek: Value of Contextual Targeting

The Value of Contextual Targeting – Q&A with Yieldmo’s Chris Bolte

Industry veteran Chris Bolte of Yieldmo sits down with Advertising Week to discuss our cookieless future and the value provided by contextual targeting.

By R. Larsson, Advertising Week

Q: You have worked at a variety of different companies, from the performance marketing side at Overture, to the publisher side at Yahoo, to the client-side @WalMartLabs. What attracted you to Yieldmo?

I have always been attracted to companies that are solving big problems and have the technical talent to develop the solutions to help solve those problems. From my vantage point, Yieldmo has some of the most talented, experienced technology and product minds in the industry.    In addition, the company’s solutions are built with the future of advertising in mind, powered by forward-thinking machine learning and data science, making this an  exciting journey to be part of.

The problem and opportunity that the team is focused on addressing is the biggest challenge digital publishers and advertisers face today: enabling effective advertising in a cookieless world. This is not something that can be solved with light tech. To give you a peek behind the Yieldmo curtain, we are building machine learning-based consumer targeting techniques, layers of algorithms designed to optimize advertising performance, as well as new advertising formats that contribute to significant performance improvements. All of these elements work in tandem to deliver the results to publishers and advertisers that in many cases, are equal to or even better than the cookie solutions.

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