EveryScape Unveils Worldwide Ambassador Program and a New Enhanced Real World Online

EveryScape Unveils Worldwide Ambassador Program and a New Enhanced Real World Online


Tue May 13, 2008 9:01am EDT
Ambassadors to Fuel Global Expansion; New Community Feature MakesEveryScape.com Instantly Shareable
BURLINGAME, Calif., May 13 /PRNewswire/ — WHERE 2.0 — EveryScape, creator of “The Real World Online,” today announced its new Ambassador program, designed to speed expansion worldwide through a team of trained Ambassadors who will capture or “scape” both public and private content. EveryScape.com also debuted the next evolution of The Real World Online, featuring the new “Scape Memo” that lets people share their favorite locations with friends. The Real World Online provides a gateway to the best information on the Web with one-click meta search, as well as enhanced local search, World Tagging so businesses can upload photos and videos, and a bigger viewing experience.

“EveryScape has advanced dramatically since our initial demo of San Francisco’s Union Square at Where 2.0 last year,” said Jim Schoonmaker, EveryScape’s CEO. “We’ve covered one million points of interest, 15,000 miles and 21 states in just one year, and we have big plans leading into 2009. The Ambassador program is an important initiative that will propel our expansion. And the new functionality makes EveryScape.com a gateway to local destination information. It’s just a taste of what’s to come as we look ahead to new user-generated content and community features.”

Ambassador Program
The Ambassador program officially launched today and the first “class”
will graduate later this month. EveryScape’s Ambassador program utilizes
amateur and professional photographers located in cities across the world to
help build The Real World Online. The EveryScape Ambassador program is ideal for entrepreneurial individuals seeking new opportunities to generate income, on a full-time or part-time basis. There are two types of Ambassadors:

Destination Ambassadors are EveryScape’s full time representatives for specific destinations. They are responsible for capturing all of the public content for a given territory and are entitled to a percentage of all revenues generated from that area. Destination Ambassadors must attend a formal training session to receive certification from EveryScape.

Local Business Ambassadors are “assignment photographers” who capture interior images of local businesses that are looking to build their presence on EveryScape.com. Ideal candidates are amateur and professional photographers. Local Business Ambassadors require minimal training, which can be done online.

Program information and the application form are available at
www.ambassadors.everyscape.com .

A Better Real World Online
EveryScape also launched the next evolution of The Real World Online
today. The new EveryScape.com provides community tools that make EveryScape instantly shareable. A gateway to destination information from across the Web, EveryScape.com also features enhanced usability and a much larger viewing experience. The key new features include:

Scape Memo. A new community feature called “Scape Memo” lets people create a private link on EveryScape.com with up to 200 “memos” that identify their favorite locations to share with friends. For example,
you could create a link pinpointing your 30 favorite restaurants
nationwide, or you could send your friend a link with a memo
identifying a new dinner location. Scape Memos are private and are
shared via email. In addition, users can embed any memo within their
favorite social network such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

One-click Meta Search. EveryScape.com brings together all of the information from across the Web about a particular destination. With one click, you experience what it’s like to be there, read reviews from Yelp, see photos from Flickr, watch videos from YouTube and search the Web with Yahoo!.

Better Local Search. EveryScape.com also features an improved
navigation bar with more categories and subcategories designed to
simplify local search. A new “What’s Nearby?” feature gives visitors
one-click access to other businesses close to their chosen destination.

World Tags. EveryScape also lets businesses upload photos, videos,
links and more. For example, a restaurant could upload a video
interview with its chef, or a women’s boutique might want to upload
photos of its latest line.

EveryScape will be demoing The Real World Online at booth 11 throughout
Where 2.0. Additionally, EveryScape Founder and CTO Mok Oh will be speaking on May 13 at 4:50 p.m. in Salon A-F on “What About the Inside?” where he’ll discuss EveryScape’s approach to capturing interior images. For more details on his presentation, go to
http://en.oreilly.com/where2008/public/schedule/detail/1730 .

About EveryScape, Inc.
EveryScape, Inc. is creating The Real World Online through a visual and
interactive platform for local search that creates a virtual experience of all metropolitan, suburban and rural areas. EveryScape will ultimately let users share their stories and opinions about real-life daily experiences against a backdrop ranging from streets and cities, communities, restaurants, schools, real estate and the like. Leveraging its patented HyperMedia Technology Platform(TM), EveryScape is using a simple, highly scalable approach that allows the company to tap into local communities and users in building out the online world. EveryScape is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. and is venture backed by Dace Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Draper Fisher New England, Draper Atlantic and Launchpad Venture Group. Find out more at www.everyscape.com.

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