EveryScape Goes Global with Video Outsourcing, Competes with Google Streetviews

EveryScape Goes Global with Video Outsourcing, Competes with Google Streetviews



EveryScape is a local video tour site that debuted at Where 2.0 last year, and is returning again for another demo this year. A lot has changed in a year, asEveryScape has grown from a site that featured just one video tour of San Francisco’s Union Square region to an expansive site that offers videos (and a multitude of sharing and community options) across the world.

Global Ambassador…For Virtual Video Tours

The global aspect of EveryScape is rather new, and is being enhanced by a new program being put forth by EveryScape, called EveryScape Ambassador. This will allow EveryScape to expand at a faster rate, by using trained individuals to create both public and private content. The program will in fact target destination sites as well as local businesses for tour creations, becoming more niche and purpose-driven than Google Streetview Maps.

EveryScape has always followed this train of thought for its expansion progress, but the Ambassador program enables EveryScape to make a more formal and systematic method for spanning the world with its increasingly useful virtual tours. It’s a method that many more startups are beginning to take on for similar growth projections. GlobeShooter is one such company, and TurnHere is another.

EveryScape Ambassador Brings More People More “Jobs”

The good thing about such programs is that it provides an economical subset of “outsourced contractors” who are enabled by this web-based business, which is currently still sustainable and will likely become even more so as established enterprises begin to adopt such methods for advertising and other localized reasons.

More Community, More Targeted Demographics

One of the reasons EveryScape has become so useful is because of the many sharing and integrated search features that flank each tour available on EveryScape. Now, in an effort to build even more of a community around its tours, EveryScape allows users to create Scape Memos. These are privately shared scapes that act as bookmarks for individually selected locations, which remain amongst a group of family and friends via email, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Tie this new feature in with some of EveryScape’s other meta-search features (which span Yelp, YouTube, etc.), and these privately shared items create self-selecting groups within the larger EveryScape community. I’ve always felt that EveryScape would be ideal for deep integration with a travel planning site, and perhaps the new Scape Memos bring EveryScape a step closer towards such integration, or native travel planning features.