EveryScape Debuts VR Creation Tools

EveryScape Debuts VR Creation Tools


Boston Company EveryScape Debuts Virtual Reality Creation Tools

Everyscape launches suite of tools to create personalized custom environments for virtual reality and more.

Virtual technology company EveryScape launches their new virtual experience platform. The suite of online tools and mobile apps allows anyone to transform real experiences into personalized virtual environments. EveryScape’s platform enables users to create and communicate from within their own unique content. A pioneer in immersive technologies for over 10 years, EveryScape is spearheading the movement to make VR creation and access available to anyone, anywhere.

With their 360-immersive technology, Everyscape enables users to capture their favorite moments and experience them with others. Users can easily capture and create VR content using panoramic images from any source. Professionally captured images, 360 point-and-click cameras, smartphone apps or even the pano feature in the Apple camera app can be used to create a virtual experience. These virtual creations can then be experienced across multiple platforms: everything from mobile to desktop to existing VR headsets. Furthermore, individuals can customize their virtual environments, called scapes, by embedding music, videos, text, links, forms and buttons.

The interactivity introduces new capabilities of VR into the arena. EveryScape’s technology enables users to share and communicate from within their virtual experiences with family and friends. In addition, Everyscape enables a story mode which turns the virtual environment into an automated video. Businesses too can engage potential customers from within their virtual environment; helping customers just as if they had walked into their store.

In order for VR to become a commonplace technology, the impact of its use will need to reach a broader audience. “The applications [of VR] stretch beyond being just a cool technology. What will really be game changing for the industry is when these technologies provide real value to customers and businesses,” says EveryScape CEO Jim Schoonmaker.

In addition to empowering individual users, EveryScape has partnered with over 30,000 businesses including top brands like Bing, YP and NASA. EveryScape assists small and large businesses in building ideal customer journeys, by aiming to merge the best of the real world with the best of the online world. In addition to showcasing their business to wider online audiences, the scapes enable a business’s sales representatives and expert staff to engage one-on-one with customers during a virtual walk-through of their business. Businesses increase their competitive advantage by leveraging what makes them unique: their physical presence, expert knowledge and the experience of their staff. In this increasingly digital age, Everyscape aims to help businesses maximize their potential and compete online.

The EveryScape team has a greater vision of empowering its users to build the future of the digital world. “The challenge with VR is that it is currently very inaccessible and lacks solution features that enable it to solve more problems,” Schoonmaker says. “Our goal has always been to enable the world to build the world together and focus on problems people experience every day. By equipping people like you and I with these tools, we are enabling anyone to be at the center of this phenomenon.”