DeepIntent is leading the healthcare advertising industry with data-driven solutions built for the future. From day one, DeepIntent’s mission has been to improve patient outcomes through the artful use of advertising, data science, and real-world clinical data.

With more than 220 people across four different countries, DeepIntent has more than doubled in revenue annually during 2016-2021 while continuously innovating at the heart of healthcare and advertising. The company has deep partnerships with nine of the top 10 major pharmaceutical companies and all of the major healthcare agencies to advertise 320+ healthcare brands.

DeepIntent is more than the DSP of choice for healthcare marketers. DeepIntent Outcomes™, its patented technology that measures and optimizes omnichannel campaigns in real time toward script performance and audience quality, has become the currency on which pharma media is transacted, both on its DSP and off-platform.

CEO: Chris Paquette