YieldMo Study on Better Mobile Ad Experiences

YieldMo Study on Better Mobile Ad Experiences


December 13, 2016



When Motorola’s Martin Cooper made the very first mobile phone call in 1973 from a midtown Manhattan street corner, he never imagined what the world would be like 43 years later, with the majority of us carrying around tiny computers that enable access to all the world’s information in the palm of our hands.

A lot has changed in 43 years, and multi-billion dollar media and advertising industries have emerged to flood our handsets with rich content and targeted advertising. In fact, in the just past 10 years, mobile ad spending in the U.S. has risen from less than $100 million in 2006 to $46 billion in 2016.1

Growth is good, but the billions of dollars spent on mobile advertising have diverted the industry’s attention away from producing high-quality experiences for consumers and focused it on capturing as many ad dollars at possible instead. As consumers lose patience with mobile ad experiences, they are increasingly adopting mobile ad blocking tools, which are estimated to have been used by some 15% of U.S. consumers.2

Yieldmo, as well as industry leaders Google and the IAB, have not only recognized this problem but are actively taking steps to correct the mobile content and advertising experience: Yieldmo with its better-designed ad format philosophy, Google with its down-ranking of mobile websites that incorporate disruptive interstitial ads and the IAB with its sunsetting of “Rising Star,” 300×250 and 728×90 format support.

Given these critical industry initiatives, Yieldmo set out to research what consumers actually think about mobile advertising. Working with independent research firm, Applause, we surveyed nearly 400 U.S. consumers to understand perceptions around standard mobile ad formats (e.g. interstitial/pop-up, pre-roll video, static 300×250 and adhesion banner formats) and the effect of more innovative, better-designed mobile ad formats. The results of this in-depth research study—entitled Answering the Call for Better Mobile Advertising Experiences—provide advice to advertisers and publishers on how to improve their mobile advertising experiences and in turn win with customers.

Specifically, the study found the following:

  1. Two-thirds of consumers prefer better-designed mobile ad experiences and find the current state of mobile ads to be frustrating, disruptive and boring
    66% of consumers preferred Yieldmo’s mobile-specific ad formats over standard mobile formats. Further, standard, non-Yieldmo mobile formats were found to be far more frustrating, disruptive and annoying (interstitial and pre-roll video formats), as well as boring and uninteresting (static 300×250 and adhesion banners).
  2. User-friendly mobile ads drive higher unaided advertiser brand recall
    The majority of respondents (63%) who saw the Yieldmo mobile ad formats correctly recalled the advertiser brand in an unaided test, compared to only 48% who correctly recalled the advertiser brand after seeing standard, non-Yieldmo ads.
  3. The common static 300×250 mobile ad is also the most forgettable
    An overwhelming 86% of respondents who saw the static 300×250 ad incorrectly recalled the advertiser brand, making it the worst performing format in terms of unaided brand recall.
  4. Preferred mobile ads produce higher advertiser brand favorability
    Four-fifths of respondents (79%) found the advertiser brand favorable after seeing a Yieldmo ad, compared to only 63% who found the advertiser brand favorable after seeing a standard, non-Yieldmo ad format.
  5. Publishers can also garner higher brand favorability with better-designed mobile ad experiences
    Perceptions of publishers increased for 22% of consumers as a result of seeing a Yieldmo ad, compared to only 11% of consumers who could say the same after seeing a standard, non-Yieldmo ad format.