Yieldmo Has Largest US Indy Mobile Marketplace

Yieldmo Has Largest US Indy Mobile Marketplace


Yieldmo Furthers Its Lead as the Largest Independent Mobile Marketplace in the U.S.1

— Intermarkets and tronc Join Yieldmo’s Vast, Premium Publisher Inventory

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recently forged partnerships with publishers such as Intermarkets and tronc have furthered Yieldmo’s lead as the largest independent mobile marketplace in the U.S. Yieldmo’s premium inventory is comprised of more than 1,400 of the top mobile destinations that span e-commerce, sports, news, lifestyle and entertainment.

Recent publisher partnerships further Yieldmo’s lead as the largest independent mobile marketplace in the U.S.

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According to comScore, Yieldmo has a verified actual reach of more than 141 million unique mobile visitors – roughly 80% of the addressable market in the U.S. – making it the largest independent network in the U.S. behind Google, Facebook, Amazon and Yahoo1. With its proprietary, user-preferred ad formats and premium publisher relationships, Yieldmo serves more than seven billion mobile impressions per month on behalf of the world’s largest brands and their agencies.

“As a Publisher, Yieldmo provides a mobile solution to let us create a truly engaging ad experience,” said Victor Lim, Director of Strategy at tronc. “As we rethink the future of a consumer-first experience on our sites, Yieldmo provides advertising that doesn’t disrupt but instead complements our content.”

Every month, Yieldmo’s proprietary RaptTM data platform collects 250 billion mobile data attributes from the mobile ads it serves, including – but not limited to – viewers’ taps, scrolls and time spent. Rapt interprets dozens of such micro-interactions to generate an unprecedented level of insight into customer engagement, making campaigns more effective for advertisers and profitable for publishers. Yieldmo viewability and attention metrics are measured through its long-standing relationship with analytics provider, Moat, an Oracle Data Cloud company.

“We’re extremely proud of our marketplace,” said Michael Yavonditte, Yieldmo Founder and CEO. “It provides a rich, fraud-free environment for the ads we serve. The next-level insights Rapt is able to generate from those transactions are also a huge advantage to advertisers and publishers. We’re moving well beyond surface metrics, like impressions, views and clicks, to truly understand the behaviors that lead-to or inhibit conversions. Given the enormity of our scale and experience, Yieldmo is uniquely suited to address that need and ensure that the industry continues to improve for users, brands and publishers in equal measure.”

With U.S. mobile ad spending estimated to reach $58.4 billion in 2017 (and forecasted to nearly double to $102.3 billion by 2021)2, mobile continues to represent the fastest growing advertising channel in the U.S. However, despite strong projected growth, industry-wide challenges remain, as 44% of publishers rank the poor user experience as the largest challenge facing mobile advertising, second only to ad blocking, which directly results from these poor advertising experiences3. Yieldmo is grounded in a mission to deliver a better ad experience for users, marketers and publishers.

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For more information or to see a live demo of Yieldmo’s Rapt capabilities:
Susan Lietz, +1-917-499-5053