YieldMo Insights on Mobile Native Outstream Video Ads

YieldMo Insights on Mobile Native Outstream Video Ads


Is late night where all the (video) action is? YieldMo tackled this question head-on and analyzed more than 12M outstream video impressions from our Hyperplay and Windowplay mobile formats. It turns out that your customers actually have a considerable preference for completing outstream videos when they are fresh and alert first thing in the early morning.

What does that mean for you, mobile video marketer? Make sure you day-part your video ads accordingly!

Video Completion Rate x Time of Day Graph

This performance data was gathered between April 24 and May 8, 2017, and represents 12,506,575 video impressions across 170 publisher placements. Video ad duration was varied and comprised of advertisers ranging from entertainment and automotive to retail and consumer packaged goods.